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Previous Olympic Champ and reality star Bruce Jenner -Kardashians you know?- showed his new her to the world in 2015 when he stepped up as Caitlyn Jenner. Mac’s slogan All Ages, All Races, All Sexes certainly gets a different meaning thans to their collab with the transgender. Caitlyn Jenner recently presented her cremesheen -my favourite finish btw- lipstick Finally Free. What I like about this collaboration is that the complete benefit from the sales go integrally to the Mac Aids Funds, Transgender initiative. Nice to know that she didn’t do it for the money, although the publicity she gets from it is worth a whole lot too.

The lipstick. I must admit, has the perfect shade that fits into the current trends, it’s a medium rosy nude. Mac has described it very well because that’s exactly what it is. The cremesheen finish gives that buttery feel to the lips, has a good pigmentation and a nice shine. As for lasting power, this lipsticks performs well on my lips for about 3 hours, after that I need to retouch. Which is ok.

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Before you run to the Mac store, this is an online exclusive!

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M.A.C x Caitlyn Jenner Finally Free – 19,50 Euros – online exclusive
Peggy Timmermans
Written by Peggy Timmermans