For disco queens who love to party all night long….Benefit Best Night Ever Kit to the rescue!

So yesterday was my birthday. Unfortunately a Wednesday evening is not the best night for a party and that’s why I’m going to double my dance moves somewhere on a dancefloor next weekend. I’m planning to shake my booty till I got cramps and look a-ma-zing all night long underneath the neon light but also when the morning light hits me in the face on my way home. HELP. I need somebody. HELP. Not just anybody…

Benefit, giveaway, Best Night Ever Kit, This Is Peggy

Benefit to the rescue! The Best Night Ever Kit is exactly what I need. I will survive the party like a polished pro!

Benefit, giveaway, Best Night Ever Kit, This Is Peggy

Deo sheets because I’m not planning to stop dancing, ballerina’s because my feet will scream for relieve after a few hours on high heels, eye drops to brighten up my eyes from smoke and flashlights, a comb to get my hairdo in a decent shape again, hairspray for the same reason,… you get it. It’s a kit that’s the BFF for all party girls!

You can get one! In collaboration with Benefit I’m going to make 5 dancing queens happy with the Best Night Ever Kit and all you have to do to lay your hands on it is to jump over to my Facebook page, leave a comment under the Benefit Giveaway post and let me know which is your favourite party music! Go, go, go!

Dance the night away,

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Peggy Timmermans
Written by Peggy Timmermans