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On the couch with… wedding photographer Gert Huygaerts.

As a fine art, film-based wedding photographer, Gert will capture your wedding in a way that combines softness, romance and timelessness. Inspired by the beauty of nature and southern Europe, he strives to create honest images with a fine art approach.With a passion for film cameras, natural light and beautiful settings, he will provide you with the dreamy images that your big day deserves. Working in the “old school” provides those authentic soft and creamy colours that can onlybe achieved by shooting on film. This results in an elegant and timeless style of photography.It’s all about the emotions and the love, but also about the finer details and styling that you have so carefully chosen to help make the day “your” day.

On the couch with, wedding, photographer, This Is Peggy, Gert Huygaerts

What made you choose this profession?

My passion for photography has been there for many many years…  if I have to go back in time, I think about 18 years by now… I was asked 9 years ago by one of my best friends to shoot his wedding.  In the beginning I was a bit doubting as in “would my work be good enough for a wedding?” But I just bit the bullet and did it!  It turned out it wasn’t that bad at all and I kinda liked it!  Working on nice locations, with happy people seeing love and happiness, let’s be honest: who doesn’t want that!
After one friend, another one asked the same thing…  and after a while, a third one did.  At that moment I was like “I guess I’m doing something right then?” It was shortly after that moment that I decided to start a business and to promote myself as a wedding photographer….  and from that moment on, it all kicked off!

Who or what inspires you?

Wedding photographer, on film, fine art, natural light, interview, on the couch, This Is Peggy, Gert Huygaerts, makeup artist

One thing inspires me every day again…  light! What light can do with a situation is every time again so inspiring and challenging..  the most incredible thing Mother Nature created. And as light inspires me, it goes without saying that countries as Italy, Spain and France are on top of my photography list.  The evening-light is so incredibly beautiful and soft in these countries. I am also being inspired by some of the most talented wedding photographers on this planet, as there are Jose Villa, Jen Huang, Jonathan Canlas,… On the other hand, photographers outside the wedding industry also keep me awake to look at different things…  such as one of the most talented photographers on this planet, Peter Lindbergh. Next to photographers, I get inspired by the work of other wedding professionals such as wedding designers, florists, wedding venues and (bridal) couturiers.  They all have their own place in the industry, but they also influence each other with their own piece of art. And it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in the industry, national and abroad. Usually US and Australia are 3-4 years ahead of Europe, so we have time to have a good look at things, before trend tend to arrive in Europe.


Which moment will you never forget?

I think it is hard to point at one event as all weddings are unique and special in their own way.  New people, new places, new emotions, new everything…  time after time. That’s what makes it special! If you ask me for the most remarkable experience, besides weddings, then I don’t have to think a long time…  that was the first ever “Provence” wedding-experience with Feather and Stone Photography on their Fieldtrip workshop in 2012. This was for me the most eye-opening, encouraging and creative workshop ever. Seth & Tenielle from Feather and Stone are really the most amazing and kind photographers I ever met!  And on the other hand, the team of attendees was also really wonderful.  I met a group af utterly talented photographers who really came friends… even after 4 years! And yes, it helped of cours to have the event in Provence, one of my favourite locations in the South of Europe.

Wedding photographer, on film, fine art, natural light, interview, on the couch, This Is Peggy, Gert Huygaerts, makeup artist

How or where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If all goes well, I would like to continue what I’m doing now, for a few more years.  It’s really what I like and I can make people happy with it, which Is just wonderful. The ideal scenario would be that I can have only couples who really love my work and really see me as their ideal wedding photographer. On the other hand I would like to keep on growing creatively and discover new things to do. Also working in closer connection with other wedding colleagues is on the list for the near future. In this case I’m thinking of florists, planners, designers, venues, etc…  It is definitely important to have a good network to build your business on. I have not set goals in numbers of places of weddings as that is of lower importance to me…  It is way more important and fun to work with loving people who are able to create a beautiful day that is really their day and enjoy it to the fullest, than people  being lived around on their day and running around stressed. I will be shooting weddings for some years definitely, where and how many is something that will be hard to predict. One thing is for sure, I want to keep on growing creatively and keep on creating beauty with colleagues I love.

For more info about this fine art photographer check out his website: Gert Huygaerts

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