With these makeup tips & looks you will be the queen of the meadow!

While Rock Werchter is already behind us, lot’s of festivals are still something to look forward too. We have the biggies like Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop and We Can Dance, but let’s not forget about those other maybe less known or less big festivals like Jazz Middelheim and Antilliaanse Feesten.

With the sneaky Belgian weather it’s not always easy to figure out what to wear. The boho style is still very fashionable but would you really like your long dress to get completely soaked in mud? Shorts are always a good idea it seems, unless it’s too cold but hey, that’s the moment that jeans come in handy.

festival, makeup, makeup artist, looks, trends, face paint, glitter, This Is Peggy

Face paint, stickers and bold looks for girls with guts!

When it comes to makeup it’s more easy. Even when it rains you can go all the way, just make sure you use waterproof products. Although… Here are some of my tips to be festival proof beautilicious!

  1. Nothing worse than a heavy foundation in the heat! Use a BB cream -with SPF of course!-, a concealer and some bronzing powder.
  2. Use a cream blusher for an instant natural effect.
  3. Keep your lips low maintenance. A coloured lipbalm will make retouching much easier.
  4. You will probably not be able to see yourself in the mirror once you left your house. Make sure your makeup will last all day. You can keep it simple and clean, or go all the way. Use the necessary primers and make the right choices in products.
  5. Put water spray like Evian in your bag. For refreshing and fixing.
  6. Make sure to take a hand sanitizer with you. Trust me, you will thank me later.
  7. If you go camping, dry shampoo is an absolute must.
  8. Sunscreen. No need to draw you a picture.
  9. Use waterproof mascara. Sweat and rain proof.
  10. Coachella is hot and happening. Simple or bold, again, make sure, glitters, strass stones and flowers stay at place. Use waterproof Duo glue to attach them onto the skin.

festival, makeup, makeup artist, looks, trends, face paint, glitter, This Is Peggy, coachella

The Coachella style is very popular this year.

festival, makeup, makeup artist, looks, trends, face paint, glitter, This Is Peggy

My favourites. I love glitter and these looks are just simply beautiful.

If you don’t trust your makeup skills, hire a makeup artist to make sure your festival makeup look will last all day…and all night long!

Which festival are you going to? Curious to know what makeup look you are going to chose!

Have lot’s of festival fun,

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Peggy Timmermans
Written by Peggy Timmermans