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Hydra Life Time To Glow, a new-generation cleanser by Dior.

To achieve the renowned “radiant skin” is it essential that our skin gets rid of the dead cells it sheds every day. Sometimes this natural shedding slows down, due to sun damage or skin disorders, and we end up with a dull complexion, an uneven skin tone, flaky, dry skin or clogged pores. In this case, a gentle exfoliant is the first step to naturally beautiful skin.

I can’t emphasize the “gentle” part enough, because many scrubs are just too rough for the delicate skin of our face. They not only remove the dead skin cells, but their coarse structure can also damage our skin’s protective barrier, causing other, more severe problems on the long term. You don’t have to worry about that with Time To Glow, Dior’s ultra-fine exfoliating powder from the Hydra Life range. To gently polish and deeply clean the skin, it is enriched with seeds from the lotus flower and sugars.

Dior, Hydra Life, skincare, This Is Peggy, makeup artist, Peggy Timmermans

This is the first time I’m about to use a powder-exfoliant and I’m excited to discover something new. I wet my hands with water, pour a small amount of powder into my palm and rubbing my hands together as instructed. The powder then transforms into a fresh-scented, light foam, which I gently massage onto my face, avoiding my eye area. It is gentle indeed, the powder particles aren’t noticeable anymore. I thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water and a washcloth and, as promised, my skin feels velvety soft and looks radiant. I’m happy with this exfoliant, though in my opinion it wasn’t really necessary to add perfume to the formula. Time To Glow suits all skin types and can be used 1 – 2 times a week.

For glowy skin,

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Peggy Timmermans
Written by Peggy Timmermans