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Time to tell some personal things, how am I doing?

Hi sweeties! It has been a while since I’ve talked about my personal life, time for some catching up. First of all, apologies for not updating This Is Peggy as often as I would like to, between working, back problems and resting when I can there’s few time -and sometimes energy- to blog. March has started out calm, but has become super busy with last-minute jobs and invites.

I’m teaching every Sunday and Monday at MUD.  After these two days I’m exhausted, as teaching takes a lot from my back and I always try to rest on Tuesday so I can recover. I love teaching and I would love to continue teaching for many more years but it’s not just standing in front of students and explaining techniques, it’s actually a pretty hard job to do.

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So what else have I been up to? I’ve worked three days for luxury brand Guerlain in Brussels, I also did a cover shoot for them in Luxembourg, I had some commercial work for advertising video’s, already looking forward to seeing the results on television! I had some catalogue shoots and did the make-up for a few private clients. I got the results of the collab shoots with Nanja Massy, and went to the premiere of the D5R movie as I did the make-upfor the movie and on the premiere. We got published on a major wedding blog with our bridal editorial  from a while ago so that was nice. On top, I did some free work and got the results of those shoots too. March was a good month.

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April however seems to be really calm, and that makes me nervous. After all, I have to be able to pay the bills! Than again, it’s such a last-minute business so that might change and honestly, my back will be happy! And there are some many lovely products I have to test and review so I’m sure I’ll keep myself busy.

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I’m also doing a new video project in April and if you follow me on Facebook you might have seen the announcement of my first collaborator, the sweet Elfi De Bruyn will be one of the models! Getting ready for the shoot will keep me busy for a few days, as all the looks have to be prepared and all the products needs to be photographed, I’m already looking forward.

That’s about it for now. Things I look forward to in the near future are a course I’m going to attend in Manchester, at the school of celebrity makeup artist Cassie Lomas and a little escape to Las Canarias. But most of all…spring. Bring it on baby!

Love the sunshine,

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