Dr. Hauschka, hand cream, skincare, anti-aging, Peggy Timmermans

Dr.Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream: premium natural hand care.

I use enormous amounts of hand cream and I’m a fan of natural and organic skin care products, so I was happy to discover in sneak preview Dr.Hauschka’s new Regenerating Hand Cream.

Dr. Hauschka, hand cream, skincare, anti-aging, Peggy Timmermans
Organic skin care, such as Dr.Hauschka, is free of synthetic preservatives, so protecting the precious formula is key. This new hand cream comes in a plastic bottle with pump dispenser, so no more messy handbags due to cracked aluminum tubes, hooray! The dispenser doses very accurately without any spills, which is good news for your wallet too. The creamy-white formula is free from colorants and synthetic perfume, its earthy-floral scent purely comes from the active ingredients, which have been carefully selected to meet the special needs of mature skin. Nourishing olive oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter help firm the skin and improve its elasticity, while extracts of red clover, kalanchoe and quince protect the skin from dryness and damage from environmental influences. The list of plant-based goodies goes on, I just name a few.

Dr. Hauschka, hand cream, skincare, anti-aging, Peggy Timmermans
A tip for heavenly hands and some me-time: apply double the amount of Regenerating Hand Cream all over your hands up to your wrists, wrap in a warm towel and relax for 8 minutes. Or apply a royal layer on clean before going to sleep, put thin gloves on and night night! The next morning your hands will be soft as baby skin!

Dr.Hauska’s Regenerating collection for mature skin features 6 body and face care products. In my opinion, good quality skin care, adapted to the needs of mature skin, is no luxury, but a necessity if you want to preserve a youthful appearance. And if you’re into natural cosmetics, Dr. Hauska might be your best ally.

Natural skincare for mature skin,

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Peggy Timmermans
Written by Peggy Timmermans