Filorga, Oil-Absolute, anti-aging, skincare, makeup artist, Peggy Timmermans

New Filorga Oil-Absolute, the ultimate anti-age boost for tired skin.

As much as we would love to look young forever, there is no such thing as escaping the effects of time. Already at the age of 25 – 30, our cell activity slows down, our sebum glands become less active, causing dryness, our skin’s protective barrier becomes less effective which results in loss of moisture and decreased protection against aggressions like pollution, UV radiation etc. On top of that, our skin can get out of balance because of hormonal changes, stress and fatigue. When all this adds up, our skin is no longer able to renew and protect itself, and can suffer serious damage. The visible signs are wrinkles, dull or uneven complexion, sagging skin and irregular pigmentation. High time to react! Should you ask me to name a brand with effective anti-ageing formulas, Filorga is top of mind.

Filorga, Oil-Absolute, anti-aging, skincare, makeup artist, Peggy Timmermans

Oil Absolute Anti-ageing Oil-serum is Filorga’s answer for tired skin. It has been developed to activate the skin and reprogram it to save it from a burnout in just 30 days. I was one of the lucky birds who got to try it out, and I was truly impressed with Filorga’s know-how about our skin and the extensive explanation of the formula’s ingredients and how they work.

Filorga, Oil-Absolute, anti-aging, skincare, makeup artist, Peggy Timmermans

In a nutshell, here’s how it goes. Oil Absolute Anti-ageing Oil-serum is a synergy of four intensively nourishing plant oils: Camelia oil improves our skin’s elasticity and firmness, Buriti-oil supports skin renewal and prevents wrinkles, Jojoba-oil protects our skin’s barrier and helps to prevent dark pigmentation spots, while Apricot kernel oil, rich in essential acids, vitamin A and E, fights dullness. The formula is enriched with amber, which activates our skin and stimulates its cell regeneration. Furthermore, it contains NCTF®, Filorga’s signature revitalizing complex of 50 anti-ageing ingredients plus high quality hyaluronic acid, also used by esthetic doctors and dermatologists in injections to rejuvenate the skin.

This serum comes in a black-colored glass bottle with an auto-filling drop dispenser. I absolutely love the velvety oil texture, it melts away into my skin and doesn’t leave a greasy trace! I’ve applied it twice a day after cleansing, dutifully following Filorga’s massage instructions. Am I satisfied with the result? Yes, I definitely am. I don’t miraculously look like a 20-year old again, but my skin is visibly in better shape, it feels soft and looks radiant. The Absolute range features three more products: Eyes-Absolute – a 6-in-1 eye care product, Skin-Absolute Day and Skin-Absolute Night cream.

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Peggy Timmermans
Written by Peggy Timmermans