Who is Peggy Timmermans?

by Peggy Timmermans 16/02/2018
Who is Peggy Timmermans?
Peggy Timmermans, professional makeup artist for 10 years.

What better way to start than introducing myself?  I know that many of you have been following me for a long time and already know me a little bit, but like they say in marketing and coaching, to repeat works!

After working abroad for almost 8 years -in tourism on the Canary Islands- I decided to return to Belgium. No idea what life in my home country would bring me but soon I got back into the PA routine which I didn’t really wanted… I felt the urge to chase my teenage dream. So I registered for a makeup course, which didn’t satisfy me, I took another one, which was ok, but I still felt I needed to learn so much more. After the first course I started doing little jobs here and there besides my part-time job as a management assistant. As I wanted to know more about makeup and especially about skin types and skin tones, I went to London, my favourite city in Europe and a leader when it comes to the beauty industry. There I really got the hang of it, makeup is what I really wanted to do!

Meanwhile, 10 years have passed and I consider myself lucky that I get to do what I love to do. Ever since I became a full-time makeup artist I have never felt that I had to go to work. Freaking early calls, long days, many, many traffic jams and last-minute changes are part of the business but it’s all ok when you adore your profession. I admit, being a freelancer is a hard knock life without any securities. But for now, it is worth it.

Where do I see myself in 5 years? I ask myself that question often and there’s only one honest answer. I would like to continue doing what I do, growing as a makeup artist, and be able to live a decent life. I have some ‘wishlist’ clients, and I work hard every day to be able to check those names of the list.

This Is Peggy is my little baby, where I will talk about beauty from my professional point of view.

I wish you happy readings and lot’s of beauty fun!


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