Why every makeup artist should own My Big Brush Buddy!

by Peggy Timmermans 05/03/2018
Why every makeup artist should own My Big Brush Buddy!
My Big Brush Buddy from MyKitco is my new best friend.

At the end of last year I was working for a TV show with Karima, she’s the makeup artist for K3 and lot’s of other celebrities. As usual, when makeup artists work together, you check out each other products and tools and talk about all kind of makeup stuff. I remember Karina saying: ‘as a makeup artist you’re constantly searching for the best way to carry your products in the easiest (read also lightest) way possible’. I think every makeup artist on the planet will agree with that! We carry so much stuff around we could almost use a camel! I lost count how many times I have changed my pro-kit around, from Zuca to normal trolley, from backpack to carry on bag,… back to Zuca again… I still didn’t discover the perfect way.

A few weeks ago I saw on the InstaStories from a colleague from Liverpool a bag that drew my attention. She had this pretty big bag for her brushes, so curious as I am I asked her what it was. She told me it was ‘My Big Brush Buddy‘ from a brand named Kitco and told me it was a live savior. Which resulted in me browsing the MyKitco site and only a few minutes later the bag was in the shopping basket! Along with some brushes, because hey, you know.

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So here it is, the BIG bag. It’s big I know, but all my brushes fit in here and I don’t have to take them out the brush belt, roll or pouch. I just put My Big Brush Buddy (€49) on the table, open the zippers and I’m ready to rumble! I like the fact that when I set up my makeup station, it only gives me one thing to do, and that is simply putting it on the table and…ready. Also handy to arrange your brush styles -it contains six sections- or simply keep your clean and used brushes separate, which I find is something every makeup artist should do.


This brush holder -because at the end of the day that’s what it is- is also perfect for ‘on set’. It has a detachable and extendable strap, so you can carry it easily around.

My Big Brush Buddy, brush bag, makeup artist, Peggy Timmermans, Kitco, This Is Peggy

Picture: Axelle Degraeve

Did I really needed My Big Brush Buddy? Of course not but I’m glad I bought it. It’s a great addition to my already huge pro-kit and I’m happy to have discovered My KitCo as I’ve also tried a few of their brushes in the meanwhile and they are pretty good!

Cheers to making pro makeup life easier,

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LipstickAddict 06/03/2018 - 20:23

Thanks for sharing, it looks really practical!


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