Feeling & looking tired? Here’s what to do!

by Peggy Timmermans 14/03/2018
Feeling & looking tired? Here’s what to do!
Feeling & looking tired? Here’s what to do!

Do you know that feeling when you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and think ‘God, I look so so tired?’ I definitely do. We’re all fed up with winter and everyone is longing for sun rays and warmer days. Not all of us have the opportunity to climb back into bed so here are my tips for how not to look tired, even if you are!

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  • Drink plenty of water. It might sound stupid, but if your skin is dehydrated it will look dry and tired. So on days you feel exhausted, drink even more of it. It will give your skin an instant plump effect.
  • Hit yourself awake! Even though this sounds harsh, it’s known in yoga and really helps to wake up your body.  Hit softly with the back of your fist on the entire arm during a few minutes. Repeat on the other arm. You will feel the energy floating!
  • Give yourself a little face massage. Always use upward movements…the skin will sag eventually anyway,  no need to fast forward gravity!
  • Cleanse your skin and apply a face mask. Choose a hydrating or nourishing one. A sheet mask comes in handy, it can do the job while you brush your teeth. Which is a tricky thing to do and will wake you up instantly!
  • Use eye drops. I’m in love with ‘Let Goutes Bleues’ they hydrate my eyes and make the white in my eyes brighter.
  • Apply an eye mask. It will soothe the little lines and make the sensitive skin around the eyes look smooth and refreshed.
  • Try the cold spoon trick. Put two spoons in the freezer for a few minutes and put them on your eyes for as long as you can. Bye, bye bags.

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  • If you have the time, go for a walk or excersice outdoors. I know it will be hard but a rosy glow will be a great reward for your effort!
  • Shine like a star. Use illuminating products as a glowy face will make you look awake. Don’t go for heavy makeup but keep it light. Mix a foundation or BB Cream with a luminizing cream or liquid.

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Armani Fluid Sheer – Make Up Forever Ultra HD Soft Light (both at Planet Parfum) – Les Goutes Bleues – Innisfree Mask

  • Conceal the eye area. Neutralize dark circles with a peachy/salmon colour or brighten up the under eye area with one to maximum two tones lighter.
  • If all the above fails, put on the biggest sunglasses you can find and rock the day anyway!

Stay awake,

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