How to shop the perfect foundation? Here are the foundation files!

by Peggy Timmermans 24/03/2018
How to shop the perfect foundation? Here are the foundation files!

How to shop the perfect foundation… with so many different options on the market it’s not an easy task.

The foundation files are created to help you see the light and choose the perfect match for your skin!

Chapter one: how to shop the perfect foundation for personal use?

I can’t even recall how many times I’ve been asked the following question: ‘what is you favourite foundation Peggy?’ It’s almost impossible to answer that if you’re looking for a new foundation for personal use, as many things have to be considered, like skin type, your wishes, skin tone, preferred texture,… Let’s start with how to buy foundation for personal use.

    • The first thing to do is to find out your wishes: what do you want the foundation to do? Do you like a natural result? Do you prefer coverage? A glowy or matte effect?
    • Online is definitely a big no-no. How can you expect to buy a foundation that matches your skin if you can not even try it? Don’t even think of it…unless you’re repurchasing.
    • The obvious way to buy a foundation is to go to the store. It’s the easiest thing to do, however, the lightning in the department or drugstore is rubbish, often too harsh or too dark. The best way to test the shade of the foundation is in broad daylight. Of course you can ask the sales lady to apply some and then go outside to check, but often there’s not enough time, or you haven’t properly cleansed your face. Don’t forget, trying it on the back of your hands is not the way to find your perfect match!

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    • In order to experience a foundation and to find out if it’s really the perfect match colour-wise as well as texture-wise, you have to try it at home. This way you can leave it on a whole day and really find out if this particular foundation works for you.
    • Ask the sales lady for a sample. Most brands have ready-to-go samples and if they don’t, or you feel it might not be the right colour, ask the sales lady to put some in a little jar. There’s really no harm in asking.
    • Once at home, use your sample for the exact purpose you want to eventually buy the foundation. If it’s a foundation for everyday use, than apply it in the morning so you can put it to the real life test. If it’s more a going-out-to-dance foundation, test it on a night out.

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  • Apply the foundation with your fingers. Even if you’re used to a brush or sponge, it’s a good way to really feel the texture, to feel how it applies on the skin, to find out whether you like it. The second time you can apply it with your usual tool.
  • It’s important to apply the foundation in daylight. It’s the only way to check if the shade matches your skin tone. It will also show you if the foundation looks natural or the opposite. Take the time to check your face from all angles.
  • Test the performance. Foundations tend to change after a while, some even after 5 tot 10 minutes when ingredients such as silicones and water vaporise. Which effect does this have on the colour? Make sure to check in the mirror.
  • Test the lasting-power. How does the foundation look after a few hours? And at the end of the day?
  • When people compliment you about how nice your skin looks but they don’t ask you which foundation you’re wearing, you know you’ve chosen a great foundation!

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