Five new lipsticks you need to check!

by Peggy Timmermans 29/04/2018
Five new lipsticks you need to check!

These 5 new lipsticks will concur your heart!

Can a girl ever own too many lipsticks? There no such thing! Here are the ones I recently tried. Yves Rocher Mat promises comfort and an 8 hour hold. Thanks to the camellia oil it glides on nicely and it does feel truly comfortable while wearing. The staying power could be better though. Its firm click-closure and the sturdy but lightweight packaging makes it a travel-friendly lipstick. Nice if you’re looking for a hydrating matte, I wouldn’t use it in my pro-kit though.

I’ve always considered Clarins as a skin care brand, but their Joli Rouge Velvet mat lipstick was a pleasant discovery. It lives up to its name, as the texture feels velvety soft. On the pro side, it’s non-drying, it has a decent pigmentation and I’m in love with its silky feel. The con: it lacks some staying power, you’ll need to re-apply after eating or kissing.

Looking for a bold, vibrant warm red with a matte finish? M.A.C. Viva Glam SIA Limited Edition Matte Lipstick has it all. The black casing features Sia’s signature, which makes it a collector’s item for the fans. If you’re not into Sia’s music, you still might like this lipstick because of its creamy texture, true color, great color payoff and incredible lasting power.

Peggy Timmermans, makeup artist, lipsticks, Yves Rocher, Lancôme, Clarins, Nyx, This Is Peggy, matte, shiny

If you’d rather go glossy, check you NYX Stricly Vinyl Lip Gloss. They remind me of the first generation liquid lip glosses, i.e. sticky! I’m pleasantly surprised by its pigmentation, so for flawless application a lip brush works  better than the slanted applicator. Also thumbs up for the longevity, which scores really well in my book. Great quality for a budget pricing!

My most worn lipstick/gloss is a Lancôme one, L’ Absolu Lacquer. It’s a liquid lipstick with a glossy, dewy finish. You van choose your own finish: one swipe gives a translucent flush, two coats adds depth and three coats gives an opaque, full glossy finish. What I like about it is the fact that once the glossy-ness fades, the shade still stays.

Peggy Timmermans, makeup artist, lipsticks, Yves Rocher, Lancôme, Clarins, Nyx, This Is Peggy, matte, shiny

Pictures: (c) Pieter Van Goethem

Which of the above ones would you choose?

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