Primers, how to apply?

by Peggy Timmermans 21/05/2018
Primers, how to apply?
Primers, the right way to apply them.

Now that you know what a face primer does -check the article here if you missed it!- it’s time to find out how we have to use this magic product. These few steps will create your most beautiful skin!

  • Cleanse & moisturize your skin well: in order to not get flakey makeup you need to cleanse and hydrate your skin well.  Use a light moisturizer and allow it to sit for a few minutes. If you’re using a primer with moisturizer, you may choose to skip this step, although it depends on your skin type.
  • Dab primer on your face: take a small amount of primer on your fingertips. Don’t rub the primer on the face but dab it in, going from the inside to the outside of the face. In case you have very dry cheeks you might want to avoid that area.
  • Blend: make sure all areas are covered evenly, don’t rub too hard though.
  • T-Zone: you can use some extra primer in places where makeup wears off faster like the t-zone or in case you have larger pores. Make sure to apply thin layers.
  • Let it settle: wait for a few minutes for the primer to settle onto the skin before starting your makeup routine.
  • Eye & lip primer: apply eye and lip primer if desired. Some like to use their face primer on the eyelids too, but my experience tells me it’s better to go for a specific eye- and lip primer. The texture is different and the result better.
  • Put on your makeup: you’re ready for the day!

primers, This Is Peggy, makeup artist, Becca, Too Faced, Smashbox, Clarins, Peggy Timmermans

Smashbox Photo Finish * Becca Skin Perfector * Too Faced Hangover Primer * Clarins SOS

primers, This Is Peggy, makeup artist, Becca, Too Faced, Smashbox, Clarins, Peggy Timmermans

Photography: Pauline Leclère
Model: Stéphanie
Location: U Eat & Sleep

A primer is a great investment for beauty bunnies! No need to worry about your makeup on busy days or a night on the dancefloor. It’s also a must-have in bridal makeup. I have NEVER skipped this step when doing the makeup for a bride.

As for myself, an eyeshadow primer is a must. As a more life experienced woman I don’t want my eyeshadow to run into the little lines or smudge.

Hooray for primers!

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Petra 23/05/2018 - 20:40

Leuk artikel! Ik gebruik dagelijks primer voor mijn oogschaduw, voor mijn gezicht enkel als ik weet dat het een lange dag wordt ofzo.


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