Peggy’s how to

Hey there! Let me show you around. As you can see there are three categories on THIS IS PEGGY:

  • beautifulAll Things Beautiful shows you everything that’s on my mind. Of course I’ll be talking about great make-up and skincare products! But you might find me wondering about a flower, a perfume or maybe a person… You meet so many beautiful things on your path!





  • ageAge is just a Number saw the daylight because to me getting physically older isn’t exactly a walk in the park. My boobs are sagging, my eyelids are in desperate need of a surgery and my days of fitting into size 6 are definitely over. However, I do believe that every age has a charm and that’s what I want to show you here.






  • Pro & private I will take you with me to work, on vacation, at my table, in my bed… well, maybe not in my bed. This is the place to find out who I’ve met recently,  what I like to eat, how I spend my lipstick free time or what new projects I’m currently working on.






Enjoy reading!