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Throughout my career as a make-up artist I’ve worked with many brands. I’m on a constant quest for the best products, whether it’s a moisturizer, a mascara or a nourishing lipstick. This is why I initially started my beautyblog 7 years ago: I’m all about beauty, it’s my job, I like to talk about it, so I wanted to share my knowledge with other beauty lovers out there. However there’s more to life than only makeup, and that’s why THIS IS PEGGY saw the daylight!

All articles on THIS IS PEGGY are written by myself or my contributors. Even though I receive many products from companies or PR agencies, I won’t always give a positive review “in return”. That’s not how it works. I want to give my honest opinion on the products I buy or get, whether I’m super enthusiastic or blah about them. Paid posts will be marked as advertorial. All pictures are made by my team and we have full copyright. It is not allowed to copy or share them without my approval. You can always contact me!

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Please note that not all received products will be shown on THIS IS PEGGY. If a product is just not Peggy, if it really has no place here, then you won’t find it. Even though I like to read press releases, I won’t write about a product I haven’t tried. My readers wouldn’t find this very engaging. And let’s be honest… just copy-pasting doesn’t make sense at all.

I’m always willing to answer questions for an article or an interview. Drop me a line at info at